We take pricing just as seriously as you – so much so that we’ve dedicated an entire page to it!

We’d rather focus on the task at hand than finding random things to charge hidden fees for. We charge based on actual time worked, so  there are never any surprises when you get your bill.

We currently charge $450 for the first 3 hours, which includes 2 movers and a 26′ truck. All of our moves come standard with blankets, shrink wrap, furniture dollies, straps, and everything else needs to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Need some extra time? We work until sunset, and any additional hours are charged at a rate of $100 / hr.

Need some extra hands? We can provide up to 10 movers on any given job, at a rate of $50 / hour per mover

  • Labor ($50 per Mover + 50c per Mile Travel Expense)
  • The Truck ($125 Flat Rate + $1.25 per Mile)

Anything else?

We do add a rush charge of 10% with any booking made within 3 days of the actual move.

We can provide storage services at an additional charge of $200 per day in case you can’t move into your new premises immediately.

We can charge affordable rates because we mitigate risk with knowledge & skill:

  • We believe that shrink wrap & pads should come standard with every move, so we provide both at no additional charge.
  • We pack our trucks tight to ensure nothing shifts around during transit. If something is loose, we make sure to strap it down.
  • Curious about our previous work? Want to meet the crew? Check out our gallery or our local agents page.

To book your upcoming move, please give us a call at 612-261-5251